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Livres, films et magazines

Il y a un grand nombre de films sur le surf, des livres et des magazines, qui vous aideront à mieux comprendre le surf et sa culture.

Voici les plus intéressants:

Films sur le surf

Big Wednesday (John Milius, 1978)

  • The Endless Summer (Bruce Brown, 1966)
  • Big Wednesday (John Milius, 1978)
  • Morning of the Earth (Alby Falzon, 1972)
  • Kelly Slater in Black and White (Richard Woolcott, 1991)
  • Green Iguana (Jack McCoy, 1992)
  • Momentum (Taylor Steele, 1992)
  • Searching for Tom Curren (Sonny Miller and Derek Hynd, 1996)
  • Thicker Than Water (Chris Malloy, Emmett Malloy and Jack Johnson, 1999)
  • Montaj (Matt Gye, 2002)
  • Stranger Than Fiction (Taylor Steele, 2008)
  • Blue Crush (John Stockwell, 2002)
  • Point Break (Katherine Bigelow, 1991)
  • In God's Hands (Zalman King, 1998)
  • Apocalypse Now (Francis Ford Coppola, 1979)
  • Puberty Blues (Bruce Beresford, 1981)
  • La primera hola (Pedro Temboury, 2015)
Livres sur le Surf

The Encyclopedia of Surfing (Matt Warshaw, 2003)

  • Nat's Nat and That's That (Nat Young, 1998)
  • Mark Warren's Atlas of Australian Surfing (Mark Warren)
  • Pipe Dreams - A Surfer's Journey (Kelly Slater with Jason Borte, 2003)
  • The Complete History of Surfing (Nat Young, 2008)
  • The Encyclopedia of Surfing (Matt Warshaw, 2003)
  • Lockie Leonard, Scumbuster (Tim Winton, 1993)
  • Occy: The Rise and Fall of Mark Occhilupo (Mark Occhilupo with Tim Baker, 2009)
  • Bustin' Down the Door (Wayne Bartholomew with Tim Baker, 1996)
  • MP: The Story of Michael Peterson (Sean Doherty, 2007)
  • Surfers (Alain Gonfaus, 2006)
  • Kosta (Eric Chauche, 2004)
Magazines sur le Surf

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